Friday, April 29, 2011


Let me just start with saying I love this girl. She is beautiful, perfect, sweet, and a miracle. I knew this baby would join our family when it was the right time. The timing could not be better.

On April 22nd I got a text from my mom telling me Audrey was on her way. We were going to all go out for my sister Jen's birthday lunch. Well we still went, just one girl short. It was nice to sit and talk with my mom and Jen. How cool that Audrey and Jen share their special day together.

We headed over to the hospital after to check in with Bryce and Janica. Everything was going well and she was getting closer. Around 3:30 she started to push. The door was left open with just the curtain closed. I LOVED standing there listening to what was being said. I cried when I heard that sweet cry, so soft and new. At that moment I loved where I was and the sounds I heard. They did it, they gave the world a gift. I am so thankful for a Heavenly Father that is loving and good. I am happy that these two endured and kept their heads up during a painful time.
Congrats and we love you very much. Enjoy a few pictures of this little beauty!


  1. She is beautiful! There's nothing like a new little baby straight from Heavenly Father to give you perspective! Love you Jamie!!